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Alert UI needs to prioritze Gift of the Lotus alerts instead of weekly/occasional missions.


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I have a pretty big issue with the UI layout of the alert tab.

Unfortunately, I missed the gift of the lotus alerts from last tennocon and now from the recent devstream because it was buried beneath other stuff that are not "alert" on the alert tab. These are just 2 that I remember in recent time but there's definitely more cases of me missing the alerts before too. It would show up beneath arbitration, void trader when baro showed up, and weekly alerts right above the kuva missions. I even keep forgetting that I can use the alert tab to select nightmare mission because it is all the way down the alert tab. Me being a very forgetful person and the streams always going live after midnight or at early dawn for my timezone also doesn't help to get the alerts done right away.

This is how the alert tab look like now:


As you can see, the gift of the lotus alert would normally be under the weekly alert so it wouldn't be visible right away which in my opinion is a bad design. A simple solution for this is simply by placing the alerts right at the top of the tab or right below arbitration. It would've been an even better QoL improvement if these alerts are organized similarly like items when accessing inventory or NPC shops or just the normal item selection menu for equipment on arsenal. That way it would be more compact and everyone doesn't have to scroll down to see what they might miss.

And no, looking at the wall of texts in front of the navigation is not good either because it does not load right away and you have to wait around 3 seconds before it would pop up and by the time it would, I would either already be accessing the navigation and doesn't see the wall of text or I would've fast traveled to my arsenal right as I load in and still not see the wall of text.

In general, gift of the lotus alert need to be more visible.

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