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Arbitration/All Quests/MR10 in 10 Days Challenge - WE DID IT


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Hello everyone!
This post is created to show you guys how i completed 100% of star chart, did all the quests and reached mastery rank 10 in only 10 days. These were the rules of this run :
1. All Quests must be completed within 10 days.
2. Arbitration must be unclocked within 10 days .
3. Doing node for the first time must be done solo. (No Boosting) (Except Isolation Vaults/Eidolon Hunts)
4. No Platinum can be bought. (We only have 50 starting plat for this)
5. Trading with other players is not allowed.
6. Player Cannot Join any Clan/Dojo.
7. Mastery Rank 10 must be acquired within 10 days. (1 MR test fail and the challenge is over xD )
8. Player can use any possible advantages that are free. (Relay Blessings, Promo Codes, Baro items/boosters)
9. Player CANNOT use any PRIME items. (Warframes/Mods/Weapons etc.)
10. All of the Gameplay must be recorded or streamed live.
11. The time for the challenge runs out when Daily Tribute hits Day 11. (In our case 2AM CET Aug 22)
(12) - This rule has been added specifically for my time-zone/possible time to play every day. I can only play 6-7 hours a day (5PM to 11/12PM).
I'm really happy we were able to do this, and i want to thank you for all the support during this challenge.
I know my previous post about this challenge got mixed opinions duo to me being too dishonest about the title, so i'm sorry about that. This challenge does NOT include any Steel Path stuff :) Hope you will enjoy the video and share some feedback about the challenge for possible season 2 :)
Here is the link to the video : https://youtu.be/Lx3gSoV9FSc

And as always, have a nice day and remember loot first, and questions later!THths2Q.jpg
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