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About Nox, too weak for how rare they appear after the changes?


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I'm not sure how much people care about these things, but I do a lot.

I really like the Nox enemy, they got really cool design and sounds

But I feel like, for how rare they are nowadays in missions, they might have been nerfed quite a lot, you'd be lucky to see 1-2 of them in an Exterminate mission or so. I'd really love it if they pose more of a presence tbh. 

Their Overguard doesn't do much, because their glass helmet breaks in 1-2 shots easily, and it covers pretty much half of their whole model so shooting it off is no challenge.

Their toxin cloud barely does any damage, probably doesn't scale with levels, making their whole exploding death and helmet break charge redundant sometimes. I wouldn't mind if their toxin cloud deals similar amount of dmg as Mutalist Ospreys 


It'd be cool if their glass helmet isn't made of paper and they are not too squishy. Tbh I wouldn't even mind if they bring back old Nox. At the very least, if they are to stay the same, it'd be cool to see them more in missions. 

I always thought Nox was one of the better designed enemies, even before the changes. 


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4 hours ago, Kainosh said:

Yeah, they die super fast now.

Just 1-3 headshots from any decent weapon. 

yeah, ofc they pretty much have the same HP and armor as Heavy Gunners...but well, Heavy gunners spawn a lot more than Nox, I saw dozens of Hevay Gunners in a Steel Path mission while only saw one Nox.

I really do miss how they were in SP before the changes. 

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