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Not a complaint yet, but i hope you change Equi's Duality in more ways and do it correctly.


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From pablo's tweat we know that changes to the player's specters and ammo affect not only wukong, but equi's duality and umbra.

Existing base duration currently is extremely bad and with the upcoming changes i expect you to give something to this build in return.

Have not ever seen complaints about equi's duality vanilla zarr, way before self-damage removal. It's an active playstyle.
If you would argue about 300% damage buff- it's not that strong, that's an additive base damage, which with a full build is not that great.

Umbra should get some control over his behaviour as well imo- now he not only can disable your 4 but also shoot at nothing and spend your ammo,
some toggle or venari's alike control over his modes would be helpful.


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