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Operator Invuln doesnt work when your host (bug), and ai targetting


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Not much needs to be said, as host when transferring back into your frame you dont get any invuln as shown here: 



And it works when you arent host: 

this is really really annoying because playing high level content (lv 9999 enemy's) its 100x harder when your host if you aren't running a frame with defense mods or invis, when playing off host you don't need a singular defense mod nor invis you can just swap to operator every few seconds and swap back and not die.

The second most annoying thing about being host is that i would say about 80% of the ai on the map will run 200m+ across the map to target the host, when your off host I can literally AFK next to ai and watch them run past me to go target the host.

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