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Orokin Container Hitboxes are Broken


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So, noticed this a few days ago. It seems that containers, mainly Orokin ones, have the wrong hitboxes as of a recent update. The bottom half seems to still work as normal, but the top half appears to have no collision detection for hits and bullets, with shots phasing straight through and not damaging or breaking the container.


I initially reported this on reddit to see if anyone else was having the issue, and it seems it's actually widespread.

Other comments suggested corpus containers are having the same issue to a lesser extent, though I've not noticed that myself.

This makes hitting the containers with anything that doesn't have AoE really annoying. It'd be nice to have it looked at before too long.

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Adding a bit on it, I've tested the sides and those also let the bullets through.

I took a couple screenshots at different points to find the hitbox edge and my guess is the hitbox got scaled down to somewhere around 60% of it's original size.

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