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Infested Seedlings- My take on rewards from infested liches


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My thoughts for infested liches is a reward that can be universally applies to weapons and companions. Infested Seedlings that are small organic masses granted to you when you vanquish your infested lich, every weapon and companion will now have a new slot that the seedling can be applied to. The seedling will provide the weapon or companion with unique effects and bonuses based on the state of your lich when vanquished.

Infested liches will have a unique mechanic that when encountered in a mission will evolve when they level up based on how they were defeated or defeated you during that mission, each evolution will have pre determined conditions to achieve it so with proper planning you can guide your liches development to achieve your preferred seedling at the cost of your lich becoming stronger based on those evolution while still alive.

The seedlings will apply a cosmetic overlay to the weapon or companion that has it own customization menu that allows it to be hidden and colored for the sake of our fashionframe, the customization menu will have five cosmetic slots to change the look of your seedling divided into infestation material type(regular infestation, mutalist, the cleaner Nidus-esque type), equipment front, equipment back, auxiliary one, and auxiliary two (auxiliary is claws, teeth, eyes, other extras and appendages). Each seedling has a selection for each of it's five slot determined for it when it's created and vanquishing your lich and acquiring it's seedling will unlock those customization options for use with all seedlings you own.

The idea behind my concept is not to make the meta of the game even more insane, but to provide new customization for builds, and incorporate a system that can benefit everyone not just the ones who would enjoy a few new upgraded infested weapon types in the same vein as Kuva or Tenet. This would also allow for weaker weapons and companions to be strengthened and let people further customize their favorite equipment.

I encourage feedback and criticism so please feel free to post improvements and ideas.    

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