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No resources after completing exterminate Quinn mission after host migration


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Mission objective got reseted because host left INMEDIATELY after finishing secondary objective in ZARIMAN missions for Quinn.


We had to complete the main objective again, adding 5 more minutes to actual mission, spending 10 minutes.


After finishing the mission, we got no reward from Quinn for completing succesfully the mission.


Zariman extraction have a BIG BIG problem, causing to loose many resources. This is the less harmful. After this mission, I got 2 host migrations in the same mission, loosing arcanes, voidplume pinion, thrax plasm and many more.... Is it so difficult to add a time for 30 seconds before being enable to use extraction button?


Some people might be collection voidplumes, and NOW it works for all the squad members, so It may cause host to wait until all voidplumes are collected, force extraction and cause the others to loose resources. I lost many resources in Cetus, Fortuna, Zariman and normal mission for these annoying problems. In many of these mission, host latency was above 200 ms, that is my limit in options, but game does not respect this to join other squads.


I play the game to enjoy, but It is impossible with these kind of bugs.


I don't know how developer team works, but, Is it so difficult to add task to a check list so you dont have the same bugs every update? So that list become bigger and bigger, but, in the other hand, you develope updates with less bugs. Doing that lsit could be hard, but It should help you to not punish players once and once more.



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