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Clem Weekly Mission - Clem killed by enemies (Minor bug)


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Minor bug,

Doing the Help Clem weekly mission, I was attentive to clem being down to "revive" him but he just got trashed... O_o



And EE.log state : "16:24:35 - <Clem> killed by 55 damage at 40 health from a level 20 Scorch using a FlameLancerFlameThrower". -_-;;

Mission Complete anyways but still Clem's plot armor failed to protect him... Original Clem is Dead XD

Got the Full Logs if needed but since the bugs does not block the mission but just hurt the Lore, not sure I could happens often.

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3 hours ago, RLanzinger said:

Original Clem is Dead XD

Pfft, that was Clem 0U812 by now anyway.

Been forever since I ran that mission and had him actually manage to fall down. Wonder if it's totally broken right now, or if the game just had a brain fart and didn't put him in his proper bleedout/autorevive loop.

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