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If I scan a cephelon fragment and then abort the mission. Do I still keep the scan? Or lose it.



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Just confirmed that you will LOSE it. Went into a mission and scanned a fragment. Showed 3/5 on my screen. After I aborted and went to check my codex, it was still 2/5. Then when i scanned the fragment again re-entering the mission, it showed 3/5 once again. But this time i completed the mission and extracted. NOW checking my codex it shows 3/5.


You have to complete the mission in order to keep the progress.


*Edit* im an idiot..it tells you in the wiki anyway under "notes"...oh well im leaving this up for people that look it up

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Pretty obvious it wouldnt save since progress is only saved when you sucessfully complete the mission and extract, with the only exception being Nightwave missions and maybe Rivens?

Also, you shouldnt "Solve" your own posts just as you shouldnt "Like" your own comments, those things get added to your profile. If you click the three little dots on the upper right corner of your post, theres an EDIT option so you can complement your post with your findings.

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