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End of the year line up


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Bring em out bring em out, bring em out bring em out, so for our end of the year line up we got stuff popping off.

Number 1. Veilbreaker. (September 7th).

2. Splatoon 3

3. Overwatch 2 (October 4th)

4. Sonic frontiers (november 8th)

5. God of war Ragnarok (November 9th)

6. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (November 18th)

7. Duviri. (December).

If I missed anything please leave it in the comment section.


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Well... we are yet to see how many people (including myself) actually stay long enouth in warframe to see duviri...

With the recent changes, and more changes that go into the same direction i doubt there will be many left that are actually still caring for it anymore.

And i was already very disappointed at Tennocon that the new open world was not released that day and will take until december(!) to be there, yet i was still looking forward to it. Now? Not so much anymore since more and more updates are truely killing the fun and all my interest left for the game. Its a shame


Plus, is that all? Nothing else going on this year? No other games or anything special to look forward to? (When was the release of Warhammer: Dark Tide? Or Space Marine 2 ?)

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