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Veilbreaker: Update 32


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13 minutes ago, max784020 said:

I always play alone so i don't care about that, and MOST of the people in warframe ALWAYS play solo. It's been a long time since you needed strategy & team to finish a mission, essentially because you are an overpower demi-god against the enemies, it's a hack and slash game which comes with the endgame being 'how fast can you kill' NOT 'if you can kill or die trying'. AOE weapons ARE the end-game. This AOE nerf is a big FU to the time veterans invest min-maxing endgame gear. From playing solo to not playing the game at all seems the only option.

That doesn't counter the fact of AFK farmers still being present. If anything, people probably play solo BECAUSE they're AFK farming (no, not every solo play does it, before anyone tries putting words into my mouth).

If a game has become "How fast can you kill?" then there's either significant issues with the game, or you've already reached that point where there is no growth and you may have better investment in seeking alternative opportunities that involve growth. Does that involve farming? Sure. It helps further you along in game, in theory. But just as actual farmers have to adapt to nature, its elements, etc. so must everyone who plays any game that goes through regular updates adapt to their changes.

By all means though, if you feel quitting is your best option, you do you. Worst case scenario is, your life improves by spending your time doing something else important; best case scenario, your absence along with the absence of many other players sends a silent message to DE who makes improvements on the game.

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Kahl's sabotage missions can rot.
I have spent many hours trying to get through them (more than once) in an attempt to maybe get more of the objectives done.
I had to get another player in discord VC to show me how to do the mission to be able to complete it the first time.
The last run to find the 4 k-drive parts, took 2hr 16min to only be able to find one. Could hear the chime of the second part but searching the map in the area 360deg., in 3D didn't locate it. I even used a map made by other players on where to find the k-drive part spawn points.

I have never had so much no-fun playing warframe as trying to get the Kahl mission objectives done.
I've made an effort to be able to play Warframe reasonably well. I collected all the Warframes, weapons etc, put effort into mod configs, and now I don't get to use them.
Its also a pain not knowing what's intended or a glitch instead, as i keep finding those.
Welcome to find-the-needle-in-the-haystack - something i hate.
At least with farming Voidplumes we have loot detection mods and the Golden Instinct helminth ability.

The maximum Stock i might be able to farm each week from Kahl's Garrison is only 45 Stock which means it will take until the end of the year to farm enough Stock to buy out Chipper.
Can only manage to do:
1. Remove 5 Veils using Veilbreaker
2. Collect 5 Genestamps
3. Find and collect Chipper's Tools.
and it wasn't fun.

Can't use Styanax as using his 4th skill causes simulator sickness with how it changes my perspective.
But you can use his other abilities! NOOOO! there is no point in using the warframe when I can't use the warframe's best skill.
I couldn't finish the mod config on Styanax because using forma and re-leveling him made me feel too ill to continue playing.

I can do the once-a-week Archon Sortie if it doesn't glitch on me, and some of it solo, so its not like i am incompetent.

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For God's sake increase the ammo max and ammo pickup of kuva weapon, especially kuva zarr ... its almost dead now as if ..... it hardly picks up ammo and its like 0/0 ... empty 5 times a mission .... its extremely irritating and a very crappy override ... for the heck of it please increase the ammo max and ammo pickup !!! It already had just 15 ammo max anyway ... why the hell was this stupid override anyway .... just why ??!!

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After playing a bit, the holster speed changes are great!  I like more ammo in general, but most weapons are still okay under the changes, which probably were necessary since Kuva weapons were so accessible to newer players.  Is there any thought about letting your lich spawn in a wider range of missions where the host has an active lich?  It seems worse now to farm liches, because the meter is completely resets to zero after every time you parazon them, when it never did that before the C. Lich update.  So my lich never spawns, and definitely not 4 out of 5 missions like before if you kept the thralls going and went at your own pace.

Steel Arbitration when?  That twitch mod is pretty cool.  I'd love to see some other game types eventually in the Zariman tile(I love it) and also for their gametypes(minus armagg) on other tiles.  There's still a lot of rooms from the old corpus ship tileset that could be re-imagined and added in addition to the current tile.  I would love to see these added at some point - I often find myself reminiscing about these areas, when I'm playing some of the older Corpus tiles (that in my opinion are not as good as old Corpus Ship was).  I do appreciate new Corpus Ship, but there is a ton you cut out that would still be incredible w updated textures.  Maybe Tau could be a mostly water world, w some underwater archwing or mech sections.

Also, Bring back OG pre-NERF WOLF OF SATURN SIX as a limited event w some updated goodies!  He would wreck these archons.  The narmer bounties are kinda brutal and not very enjoyable.  Can we expand some of the relic rotation tiles to include the giant capture tile, where you go outside the ship etc(It's rare)?  Railjack should have archwing "parkour" sections.


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