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PSA: Styanax Inbox Temporarily Disabled [RESOLVED]


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We have had to temporarily disable the free Styanax Inbox message on all platforms, as we’re seeing reports of players getting multiple messages.

We’ll update this thread once we have reached a resolution and the Inbox returns for those who have not received it yet and all future new logins for the duration of the celebration giveaway.

Thank you!


Status Update + Resolution:

We are running a script that will provide the Styanax Inbox message to players who have logged in and not received Styanax and for all first-time logins for the duration of the celebration giveaway. We’ll update this thread once it has been completed on all platforms. 

*Also worth noting that the Inbox will be sent within a few minutes after logging in to do its magic.

Due to the unfortunate downtime experienced today, we’ll be extending the Styanax giveaway duration until Sept 22nd at 11:59 pm ET (extra 24 hours!).

Thank you for being patient with us as we sorted this issue out! We'll continue to monitor this throughout its duration. 


10:40pm ET Status Update:

The script has caught up on all accounts since the Veilbreaker Update launch until now. This script will continually scan for accounts throughout the duration of the celebration giveaway until Sept 22nd at 11:59 pm ET.

It's worth noting that the Inbox will be sent within a few minutes after logging in to do its magic.

We will continue to monitor. Thank you again for sticking this out with us! 

Sept. 9th, 9:02am ET Status Update: 

It appears our Script for any new Styanax inbox messages were not awarding a free Warframe Slot alongside Styanax. We are fixing accounts and giving the free Warframe slot as quickly as we can. We'll also be adjusting the Script to ensure all new Inbox messages receive the Warframe slot with Styanax. 

If you're logging in currently - there seems to be an issue with the Styanax inbox message not sending at all, we are working on a fix ASAP!

Thanks for your patience! We will update here once we have a fix.

Sept. 9th, 10:01am ET Status Update: 

Our Script has now been updated and running, all users who didn't receive a Styanax slot should receive one shortly after the Script has completed. We will update here once it has! 

We are now working on the Script to give Styanax to anyone who may have missed him by logging in over the past several hours, we will also update here once that Script has started running. 

We will also be running a Script to give Orokin Reactors to players who received Styanax after the inbox message had been temporarily disabled, we will hopefully be able to retroactively apply Orokin Reactors. We will update here once that Script has also started running. 

This Third Script was a false alarm, everyone had their Orokin Reactors installed as intended! 

Sept. 9th, 11:20am ET Status Update: 

We have started running the Script for all those who didn't receive the Styanax inbox message, Switch has already been completed! We will update here once the Script has finished on all platforms. 

Sept. 9th, 1:15pm ET Status Update:

Our Script has finished running on all platforms for those players who didn't receive the Styanax inbox message. We appreciate the patience and hope that you enjoy our latest Warframe!

Sept 13th, 9:12am ET Status Update:

Our Styanax Inbox Script went down briefly overnight, if you logged in at any point during that time and did not receive Styanax we are working on a fix! Our Script will be back up and running shortly. 

Sept 13th, 9:50am ET Status Update: 

The Styanax Inbox Script is officially back up and running! It's catching up on all the accounts that logged in during the time it went down, if you haven't yet received him your account should be updated soon with the inbox message which could still take a few minutes. Thank you all! 

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28 minutes ago, xXDragonGodXx said:

why is there no subforum for bug reporting yet?

In the old days there was even a little bug tracker front end where you get a tracking number etc., but it got removed (no idea if there was ever a reason given) and posting something in the forums is totally pointless because it gets buried in seconds anyway. In the past when I reported bugs the old way, they disappeared after a while, with the from version the bugs stayed for years - in fact old bugs I reported by the ticketing system later reappeared again and then those bugs stayed around for years.
Long story short, I think DE simply have completely given up on user bug reports - I don't even blame them for doing so as a dev myself, however I would have preferred a simple three-strikes-ticketing system instead, to get rid of pointless "lala lala, nerf so bad, me sad, pls fix" nonsense and similar useless spammers.

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