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PSA: Styanax Inbox Temporarily Disabled [RESOLVED]

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5 minutes ago, (PSN)blitzcrasher said:

He needs a patch anyway. His first ability fails to do anything thirty percent of the time and his second just randomly fires strait down instead of forward. The rediculous shields at rank thirty is nice though

you gotta impale them man, or it wont do anything, they gotta impale to a wall or the floor

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Thx for the Info,

compared to other free games (Path of exile *cough*) your updates are gold and I am sure it will be fixed soon enough.

Thx for all the good work :)

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1 hour ago, NeoHenkir said:

I just downloaded the update and when I wanted to optimize, the PC was restarted and I got this:
I just wanted to play.FcEghnuakAAKnwU?format=jpg&name=large

WhimsicalRespectfulCheetah-size_restrict ... Oh, Microsoft... Your incompetence level transcends stupidity towards the negative...

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Well, it's at least comforting to see that I'm not the only one who didn't receive Styanax on any of my logins, nor any notification about him.   Some people must have, since there were three of him in the last mission I ran, but alas, not I.

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Aww, that's unfortunate, i, too, was too late to get him. The update took forever to download; got the forma&potatoes message, the credits, and Baro's email, but no spartan boy.

Fight on, DE, i believe in you! you can fix it before 22d.

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