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Pox creates uncolorable white thunderclouds with certain Skin settings (related to new Protea skin bundle)


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This is the explosion of a Pox thrown projectile with purple colors. Some of it creates a purple cloud effect. But it's overshadowed by these big, untintable, white clouds (that are accompanied by some zappy electric discharge effects) that are always created when it lands. 

This cloud occurs when either of the following Skins are equipped on the Pox:

  • no skin
  • Tarock Thrown Weapon Skin

This cloud DOES NOT occur when this Skin is equipped:

  • Monitivus Thrown Weapon Skin (from the new Protea skin bundle)

(the white clouds are a bug that shipped with Patch 30.8.0's blast effect overhaul that also gave the Acceltra's explosive a blinding white light)

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