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(XBOX) Veilbreaker: Hotfix #1

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We are here with our first hotfix post-Veilbreaker launch! Before we dive into the list of changes and fixes below, a handful of important notes need to be covered first:

1. Veilbreaker Update Download Issues

When Veilbreaker: Update 32 launched this morning some players experienced issues with the update downloading. This was a result of our network running a bit hot - but we have since resolved the issue and traffic has returned on consoles. We will continue to monitor any further problematic activity.

2. Styanax Inbox Temporarily Disabled

We have had to temporarily disable the free Styanax Inbox message on all platforms, as we’re seeing reports of players getting multiple messages.

We’ll update the PSA linked above once we have reached a resolution and the Inbox returns for those who have not received it yet and all future new logins for the duration of the celebration giveaway.

3. Removed Trading and Transmuting functionality for the new Archon Warframe Mods

The intended path to earning these Mods is through Kahl’s Garrison, and not through Transmutation. While transmutation will remain disabled, we will re-enable trading again once these Mods have officially been released next week with Kahl’s Garrison.

Console Specific Fixes:

  • Fixed consoles not syncing to the world state correctly, as intended with the Veilbreaker launch. Read more in the “THE NEXT STEP TOWARD CROSS PLAY - WORLD-STATE SYNC” in the Update 32 patch notes.
  • Fixed Prime Access bundles appearing in the in-game Market on Xbox Series X for 1 Platinum.
  • Fixed Switch-specific TennoGen bundles appearing in the in-game Market on Xbox Series X.

Archon Hunt Changes & Fixes:

  • Made the following changes to Boreal:
    • Added decay on scaling of Boreal's invulnerability.
    • Added Overguard protection on Boreal's AoE attack.
      • Both of these are to address the Archons sometimes taking exorbitant amounts of damge. 
    • Improved the pillar sound FX in the Boreal fight. 
  • Fixed Deacons being immune to Status Effects.
  • Fixed the Forma reward in the Archon Hunt Navigation screen not showing the quantity (3x) 
  • Fixed Mobile Defense target and other friendly NPCs getting scaled stats per squad member. This only applies to enemies (Archons, Deacons, Sentients, etc.).
  • Fixed non-Archon Assassination targets transmissions and information showing when hovering over Archon nodes.
  • Fixed script error with the Archon Assassination mission.
  • Fixed script error in the Narmer tilesets.
  • Fixed script error with god rays FX from Sentient enemies.
  • Fixed a script error related to Host migration in the second stage of the Archon Hunt.
  • Fixed script error when trying to spawn backup for the Archon/Deacons when they had already died.

Veilbreaker Quest Changes & Fixes:

  • Added a handful of sound FX to Kahl’s weapon pickup sequence, jetpack, and more.
  • Added fancy VFX when freeing a Brother.
  • Fixed unintended sentient choir sounds playing.
  • Fixed tutorial hint missing when releasing Grineer brothers on the Murex.
  • Fixed an additional Bolkor Grattler appearing when the original held by Kahl runs out of ammo.
  • Fixed command Rogg objective missing keybind callout.
  • Fixed Medusa Network node spawning in before the puzzle has been activated.
  • Fixed character in the quest standing far far away from the wall where they are supposed to be planting a bomb.
  • Fixed out of order voice lines.
  • Fixed missing character lines.
  • Fixed a script error in the world state window if you were in a particular quest state.
  • Fixed script error related to giving out orders to brothers.
  • Fixed script error in Archon Hunt stage when attempting to spawn an Eximus.
  • Fixed script error in the Murex stage.
  • Fixed script error in the first stage.


  • Fixed issue where Spear Gun could be hidden if reload from throw is interrupted.
  • Fixed being unable to purchase Rivens from Cephalon Simaris or Palladino if you are at max Riven Slot capacity.
    • Purchasing from these vendors will give the new Riven state that does not consume a Slot until it has been equipped so the capacity check was not necessary.
  • Fixed the Kuva Bramma having a line of sight check on AoEs beyond 4m.
    • This was a result of an experimental change not being reverted for launch, as discussed on the Devstream.
  • Fixed the descriptions for the Small / Medium Ammo Restore Blueprints being incorrect with their new ammo pick-up function. 
  • Fixed being unable to earn the Emergent tier on a purchased Protovyre Armor if the Apex tier has already been achived on another set. 
    • We will be looking at the possibilities of running a script for those who are still missing their Emergent tier with the above conditions in mind. 
  • Fixed Warframe standing still and rooted in place on screen during Last Gasp after being downed. 
  • Fixed the Incubator console disappearing if viewed at a bad angle in the Orbiter. 
  • Fixed a portion of Styanax’s shield appearing stretched in his Leverian.
  • More fixes towards being able to ghost through the death limbo state after dying as Operator.
  • Fixed script error when contributing to the Clan Vault. 
  • Fixed script error with the Syndicate screens. 
  • Fixed script error with Operator loadouts.
  • Fixed script error that could block progress when returning to Dormizone after completing ‘Find The Song's Source’ stage of the Angels of the Zariman Quest.
  • Fixed script error if you looked at Ballas in the Chimera Prologue. 
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19 hours ago, (XBOX)B100DBATH82 said:

Still unable to access dojo. Whole clan is effected. Other in region concur with me as unable to access dojos.

We've investigated and believe we found a fix. Are you able to get into your Clan now?

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