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Don't try to TAME =D


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When using the tranq gun you get three shots. That's fine. That's normal. What has never been normal for me until today is that after those three? You switch to SECONDARY and immediately KILL the thing you are tryin to tranq. =D Don't let this happen to you. Hope you aren't using a nukor like me and murder ALL THE TAMES YOU DOWNED =D all dead. All of them. =D Dead.


also I immediately ran out of nukor ammo after that as well. Good day. I'm logging off now. I have been playing this game every day since I started ( over 250 days now ) and I LOVE this game. Right now I'm about to uninstall. Very close to it. My favorite game is now a trash can =D I can't even HUNT. I can't even FISH because they won't spawn =D even with bait =D 

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