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Unable to apply new abilities to Warframes via Helminth post-Veilbreaker update


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Before the Veilbreaker update, I subsumed a Rhino Warframe for it's Roar ability, wanting to pass it off onto my Wisp. I waited the time needed to subsume it, and in that time, Veilbreaker came out. I loaded up the update, saw Roar was available and went to apply it to my Warframe. I got as far as the 'select which loadout' screen to apply the new ability, but the game just returned me to the menu where you confirm your invigoration. I saw that Roar didn't apply, and went to reapply it, and this time I couldn't get any further than the screen where you select which ability to replace.

I've tried to apply Roar to multiple Warframes, with no avail, and relogging doesn't fix the issue.

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