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Wukong Clone seems to stand around and not engage consistently after update 32


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Dev/Support:  After updating to Update 32 on Xbox Series X, Using Wukong's first ability, the clone will engage then just stop and stand around while getting attacked.  I have a Vectis and the Xoris equipt.  I notice it more when I have Vectis and clone has Xoris.  It is not constant. I have noticed in fights he just stops and the only way to get him to reengage is canceling his ability and re deploying the skill, until he stands around again.  After fight and I move on, he will follow and behave as normal.  I didn't notice this behavior prior to the patch.

XBox Series X

Wuknog, Vectis, Seer, Xoris, Iron Staff, Taxon is the setup.  


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Its happening to my brother on Xbox Series X too... the celestian twin just stop attacking randomly and it doesnt matter if he has primary, secondary, or melee equipped. Doesnt matter if you recast the 1 ability, or if you mark enemy with the 1 ability, the celestian twin just does nothing... Its so frustrating spend money on regal aya to buy wukong prime and suddenly you cannot play it properly...

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