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previously purchased Riven slots missing

(XBOX)Th3 Ub3r Dork

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PvDAdPT.jpegUpon Login today I went to check the mods menu/console.  Prior to the update I had about 33-35 more riven slots than I currently have.  So, unless slots were suddenly capped at 150, I'm missing access to about 30+ unveiled rivens.  and the slots I paid for. I truly hope this was unintentional.


I looked for other threads regarding this issue but did not find anything current. Where are my missing riven slots that I paid for prior to the Veil Breaker update?

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7 hours ago, (XBOX)Rez090 said:

wow, another person who can't be bothered to read anything of the patch notes. go on now, go read.

I in fact did read the patch notes, I searched the forums:  there is no mention of dropping riven capacity max DOWN to 150.  Prior to the update I had about 183 slots, with I believe 7 "veiled" rivens, and the challenges have been viewed prior to the latest update and hotfix.  This is NOT about stacking veiled/unseen rivens,  I'm missing about 30+ rivens that were revealed.  and these are slots paid for with platinum.  Perhaps instead of being presumptuous and disrespectful towards another person on a forum, you could have  linked or copied exactly what you think I missed. 


So please feel free to do that if you think perhaps you can be more constructive, otherwise your comment was REALLY less than helpful and just a waste of anyone's time who may be having the same problem.


I have checked the patch notes, and the hotfix notes multiple times now.  I understand rivens earned will now not take up space until viewed. again: that is not the issue I am having. 

The issue is that it is saying I'm at capacity of 150, when my capacity was previously higher.  

IF the stacking is in fact the reason I'm being shown as only having 150 slots unlocked, then I guess the 660+ platinum I've spent over several years on those missing 30 slots was just a waste? Lost to the ether?

I am LR2 as that may be relevant as to why I had 150 riven mod slots.

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