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Plains of Eidolon - Lighting Issues [Post 32.0.1 hotfix][PC][9-7-22]


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After Veilbreaker update and 32.0.1 Hotfix I encountered a rather large lighting/shading issue while completing bounties on PoE. 

A short clip of the bug that was encountered can be found [here]

Additional info:

  • Started PoE bounty during nighttime however, at the time of the bug it was currently day. 
  • Party was set to public although no one joined or left. 
  • Bug seemed to be centralized in the affected area shown in the video and affected terrain, objects, hostile enemies, warframe, operator, and necramech.
  • Restarting the game and verifying file integrity may have fixed the issue but was unable to replicate prior to.
  • In-game settings are set to default for all video settings.
  • PC specs [OS]Win10  [CPU]Intel i7-9700k  [GPU]NVIDA GeForce RTX 2080  [RAM]64gb.
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I had this exact lighting/shadow issue (on trees, enemies, my pet, my character everything looked pure black); but to be more accurate i encountered this problem even before "the Veilbreaker" update; so i went back to orbiter, loaded the map plains of eidolon again, and the problem was gone, so i did not bother posting it here, so yes it happened to me to once in the exact place of the map btw (hillside ruin) while i had this issue i looked everywhere else too, rest of the map was working and looking fine, as intended; ONLY "hillside ruin" had lighting and shadow issues.

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