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Veilbreaker 1st part energy nodes bug


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So in the very first mission I destroyed the first energy node marked with a red symbol, then a timer started with the info energy nodes 1/9. The next red marker was somewhere high up in the air. There was no object and it was even impossible to get there by using Wukong´s smoke screen.

I assume the symbol should appear at the location of the next node and then I have to be fast enough.

Ok, I will try it again and after that I will edit this to tell you if it was the same.


2nd try: without spoilers, no, just the 1st one has a marker, it can be done without. I was just confused because of that marker in the air, which has not appeared with the 2nd try.

But now I have a problem with the command mode, I think there already has been a thread. Let´s see...

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