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Unable to connect (Every single update thats dropped)


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This happens every single update they drop and as ive been seeing all over reddit and everywhere else, has been happening dating back to 2018 and im sure further back…What makes this even worse is when i try contacting “support” about it i dont get a reply back. Update drops and everything is real buggy, then i cant connect at all to the game. I contacted support just earlier and got a reply somehow an hour or so later, but not to help me with the issue but to instead tell me that i need to submit a ticket in a different area. I see on the wf forums people having the same issue it seems every update that drops, dating back like i said to 2018 from what ive seen. Why do we get no help? What gives honestly? I enjoy the game but i dont enjoy jumping through hoops and getting no response. Feels like i, as a paying supporter of your free game and many others are getting shafted for no reason. Now, i do understand that you receive many tickets about problems people are having, i do understand that. But…why not make sure the update is prepared to launch before causing so many issues for paying customers and supporters of your game? And if the problem does happen, why not at least post on Twitter or anywhere that youre working on the issue or are at least aware it’s happening and youre doing your best to fix it? That would give people at least peace of mind instead of feeling like were being ignored. Im tired of typing and just want to play the damn game. Most other people are getting to enjoy the Veilbreaker update and im sitting here wondering if i will get any help whatsoever. 

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