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Styanax - Axios Javelin (possibly?) vacuums Ayatan Stars


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This has been absurdly hard to replicate, but I'm reasonably sure that the vacuum effect on the Axios Javelin is dragging in Ayatan Stars, but ONLY when they're still in the process of "dropping" out of the container they spawn from. I've noticed them being in odd places while playing him and in one instance it was almost in a position I couldn't reach on the Corpus ship tileset. I've tried spearing enemies close to a star that has already dropped, but this does not cause it to move, which has lead me to my conclusion.

If anyone else has experienced this please confirm this too so I know I'm not just losing my marbles.

(also DE please make a tag/forum specifically for bugs with equipment/warframe abilities, the current selection doesn't really fit this kind of bug)

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