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The Anathema Is Recruiting


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Hello, thank you for any interest, however we are now at capacity. If we choose to expand in the future we will post another recruit spam then. Thank you for your interest.

Who we are:


The Anathema has been playing Warframe since 2013, and is an inclusive community/storm clan for adult gamers. We have been a Ghost/Shadow clan for the majority of our existence, and have preferred to be a curated community to maintain a social group without becoming overwhelmed with constant strangers. Our members tend to be 20-35 year olds and play mostly on weekends and evenings. We enjoy a casual atmosphere with competent players who enjoy an adult sense of humor and maybe a few beers. We also play a wide array of other games depending on what strikes the mood of our group, yet Warfame has always remained a constant. 



  • Age 18+ Only. 

  • Discord voice and text participation, while following the rules of our Discord.



  • A rank 11 Storm Clan with 100% research completed.

  • A complete and well organized Dojo with room to decorate and grow for aspiring builders. 

  • An oddly obsessive clan founder who knows stupid amounts about the game... Like really… it’s weird… 

  • An experienced and knowledgeable community who enjoy taking a nontoxic approach to helping players improve builds and techniques when asked to do so.

  • A logic based attendance policy, our goal is to maintain community, members are kicked only to maintain that size and clan capacity is increased only if needed. Members kicked for capacity are always welcome back with all status restored.

  • An active group focused on social compatibility.

  • A fully configured Discord including multiple quality of life Warframe bots, and fun side games like PokeTwo and Myuu.

  • Access to our whitelisted modded Minecraft server.


How to join:
https://discord.gg/H6whUFsr Use this link and join our welcome channel. Tell us why you came and let us know your in game name. Give our team time, and we will help you get set up.

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