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Archon Boreal has cool powers, but needs mobility for it to be meaningful in gameplay.

(XBOX)Architect Prime

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It's essentially that he, and possibly other Archons as of writing, are not very ctive boss fights. If I may look at DE directly: Your bosses would be considerably more engaging, entertaining, and challanging as a result if gave these bosses great mobility. Any enemy who you want to be a challenge should be able to compete with the player in parkour and movement speed. These enemies should keep ramping up the pressure through whatever means to deliver a great deal of intensity in the battle. Mobility enhances whatever they do by increase player interaction. As convenient as it was for me to stand there with my squad and shoot at him for a while, I would much rather have a fight that I can relish. There should be merit to it and its rewards rather than being an idle artillery slog. 

Best of luck in future changes. 

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