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Can't use "Command" functions as Kahl with my controller on PC.


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Title. My powers are bound to the D-pad, down being the 1 (aka the grenade, works fine), right being the 2  (deployable cover, also working fine) and the "command" menu is bound to Up on the D-pad, except whenever I try to use it, nothign happens and it makes the sound related to an ability that cannot be used. 

I was able to use the Commands just fine with my mouse, but strangely enough, after opening the menu with said mouse, I was able to use the "Regroup" command with my controller (bound to LB/L1), but nothing else. 

Since there's no option to change the bindings on controllers for Kahl, there's no way for me to know which binding is messing up the command menu.

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