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Some Concept Ideas i have for some warframes


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Here i post concept ideas as a change or an augment for warframes that i like 

I might not have names for everything so please forgive me

Sevagoth and his shadow

Gloom augment:

Gloom usages health instead of energy draining more health per enemy in glooms radius like Grendels Gourmand and Nekros Despoil augments 

or if thats too strong 
Enemys killed in gloom have a 10%(or higher/lower if too low/high) extra chance to drop energy orbs


Make it so that when u hold Regurgitate All enemys will be spit out at once and clumped together as a ball like shape and when it hits a surface or an enemy the ball will explode dealing more damage and toxic procs/damage depending on how many enemys are in Grendels belly and sending all the enemys flying away from the explosion  

either as a change or a augment and if the latter make the name of the augment "Barf Bomb"

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