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Hellminth and Transference bug


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Hellminth bug: Can't subsume warframe

I'm trying to subsume my Ivara (I also tried Xaku but it didn't work either). It doesn't work. First, I'm sure it's not her prime counter part, second my ressource are all at 100%, third it's been more than a week that I've subsumed a frame, fourth, my hellminth is rank 14, so I have all available slot open. 

I can click on her ability, enter the confirm text, press ok. But then the ability doesn't go back on timer and I can click on it again to redo the process. I tried disconnecting my controller, restarting the game, tried yesterday and today so I even closed my computer. Nothing work. 

Transferance bug: Pretty much the same as everyone else. 

Quick transference make me go in a non animation pose on my warframe. Depending on my frequence and speed of transferance several bug could go out.  Such as: Being only able to bullet jump, use weapon but no ability. To a total mess of the frame is moving by itself in an idle pose, not being able to transfer back but I can bullet jump (no walk, no run, no normal jump). It feel like the quicker and more often I use the transferance that the bug is more severe. 

Workaround I've found is to wait a bit before going back to warframe (so it might be a player to host connecting issue). If totaly stuck, dying seem to also work in most case (frankly tought it's hard to die with teamate that destroy everything around). Also the command /unstuck doesn't help at all (in fact for a lot of these kind of bug it doesn't seem to work). 

Edit 1: I also have to note that I only got these bug since the update. So the switch on transferance speed might have something to do with it and the archon add on hellminth might be a problem to. Altought don't quote me on that since I'm definitly not a professional in programming. 

Edit 2: I've taken note also that the bug for transferance seem to only occur when I'm not hosting the game. 

Hope DE will find a fix soon to those pretty annoying and quality of life reducing bug. 

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