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Dojo updates were still waiting on


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I know you're currently super busy with all the feedback to argueably more important stuff.
But i just wanted to let you know that.. we the dojo people still want a couple of things that could greatly benefit the game (some of which you already admitted to wanting aswel):
A donate to all unfinished decorations button,
NPC's (Think of standing vendors)
a foundry inside the dojo.
Incubator (Kitty breeder)
We also don't want to be teleported to random places in the dojo after a mission, but rather the indicated spots.

---In my own opinion the addition of extra decorations or new pretty rooms can wait, we don't need that. what we need is reason to be there, and these are some darn good reasons to hang out in your clans dojo---

Give us the ability to make the dojo useful and a Hub for your clan to gather, without it being annoying or a waste.
Make people want to be there.
There is no reason why the options offered in your orbiter cannot be offered in a dojo aswel.
It gives us a more public hub, your fashionframe will get seen more, the in-clan communities will grow.
There will be more incentive to decorate dojo's and it really would give a boost to the communities
Rather than Single player housing ETC.

Love you and good luck on your journey new team.

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On 2022-09-10 at 6:21 PM, mycroft_ said:

Also being able to set separate spawn locations, particularly one for visitors

It's hard to trade when people keep spawning in a part of the dojo where you can't initiate trade with them.

Yep im a fan of this, And let the spawn points be Proper.. Right now i have the ''main hall'' as a spawn point, but sometimes after a mission i spawn in my ''upper floors'' Which aren't decorated.. They're try-out rooms.


Another one i would like to see.

The ability to shuffle rooms around, without having to destroy their decorations.


bump because the spawns in the dojo are getting rediculous
Stop putting people into walled off corners, we have a platform that says WE WANT TO SPAWN HERE
Let us spawn THERE.


Bump again because im really getting tired of my clan members spawning in dead end corners, empty rooms. While we have a clear spawn point Built.

I also found an excitement message in 2020 where you confirmed you'd be working on a Donate to All decorations button.

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