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Transference behaving strangely — feels laggy when spamming it during motion, teleports me further back


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Since the update, I've noticed that Transference is behaving strangely.

Example scenario:

  1. I'm using my warframe, and there is an object ahead of me.
  2. I run forward and bullet jump diagonally upwards/ahead.
  3. I use Transference to switch to my operator mid-air.
  4. I can clearly see that my operator is gliding over the object, moving PAST it.
  5. I immediately use Transference again as quickly as possible, still mid-air, to switch back to my warframe.

Expected result:

I switch back to my warframe while maintaining my current position and velocity. I already went past the object, and should stay past it.

Actual result:

I switch back to my warframe, but am teleported backwards and end up back on the ground, stuck BEHIND the object that I ALREADY sailed past. Very odd!

This was tested playing as a client, and easily reproducible. As far as I understand it, Transference is supposed to be all client-side now, so things like this shouldn't be happening. It feels very strange, as if it's laggy, and is veryy disruptive to gameplay.

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