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Odd Audio Cracking/Static Sounds During Gameplay


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Recently there have been these weird  audio cracks/static burst sounds that have been popping up for me. They seem to sometimes play instead of the sounds effects for gun shots or melee, but I'm not sure if that's a coincidence or not. Some advice that I got on steam said that it could be a problem with my sound card, drivers, or head phones. From what I can tell my sound card is intact, my drivers are updated, and my head phones seem to be in good shape. After uninstalling then reinstalling the game, the problem seemed to go away, but returned after a few missions.  Also, oddly, this only seems to happen with waframe, and no other games. While this bug isn't game breaking, it is HIGHLY annoying.

This occurs in both solo and multiplay.

This started happening soon after the last update.

The sounds will (seemingly) randomly occur during a mission, triggering instead of other sound effects.

Prior to this, I have never had this issue before.


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I think I'm experiencing the same thing. At the drifters camp and it seems anywhere that would have background noise (in the camp I think it is the flowing water), the noise comes through with a lot of static. The sound reminds me of trying to pick up a radio station from too far away.

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