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Arsenal Appearance Reset Button - Maybe now?


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Greetings all Tenno.

Despite very much loving the old Dev team I can't help but to feel refreshed with the focus o Quality of Life from the new Dev team - from the much awaited Syndicate Pledge to the rebalanced augments - this focus on quality of life was the true star of the Veilbreaker update for me. 

So, essentially:

Can we have a reset button to revert Warframes (and other types of equipment) back to base? I mean remove colors, armors, sigils, syandanas - everything down to the bare minimum (the frame itself, and nothing more). - that's my main goal with this request, specially now that since Syndicate Pledges are a thing (and I can't thank DE enough for it), I no longer need to track my syndicate through the color on my frames, which was the system I personally used. But now I want to start fresh with all my frames, recolor them without syndicate influence, but there's so many frames and appearance tabs... 🤢

And if possible, might I add, make it a button where you hit "Reset Appearance", and the UI gives you the following choices (if at all possible, and without prejudice to the simpler proposition above):

  • Complete Reset (Color, Armor, Syandana, Sigils, Ephemera, etc.)
  • Reset the following categories: *gives players a picker on what to reset, specifically*

Or something like that, for it to be a more inclusive feature for all tastes and needs. Even though for me a full reset button would be plenty. I know this can't be that easy, with all the level of customization we have on our gear. But pretty please? Even if it takes some time to accomplish?

Keep up the excellent work. Some features, while seemingly small, can make a world's difference in a player's enjoyment of the game - that's Syndicate Pledges for me. Again, thank you to infinity!

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