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Is necrathene still a pain to get ?



A friend of mine is on his way to unlock his first Necramech so he can complete the New War (and the quests after that) and join me in Steel Path, Arbitrations etc

A couple of years back, when I farmed resources for the Voidrig, I remember spending half of my playtime trying to get some necrathene. I've heard people say it's actually easy to get, but I've never had any luck. How would you guys farm it ?

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From the wiki, it was doubled.




  • Mining teal mineral veins in the Cambion Drift.
  • Requiem Pylons scattered throughout the Cambion Drift

Hotfix 29.6.5 (2021-01-09)

  • The Mining drop rate of Necrathene has been doubled! To make this change, Heciphron Mining drop rate has been reduced by 6% to balance the Necrathene increase.
    • This change is similar to how we increased the Mining drop rate of Thaumica in Deimos Arcana to help alleviate Necramech crafting pain points.



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Getting the Nechramech parts?


easies way is to run the Demios Vaults. The enemey frames theren drop the 'damaged' parts needed, as well as the repution stuff.


oh and the the things are tradable, and some of the parts have weird drop rates so that might be a way to go.  (trade 1 part for another)

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On 2022-10-10 at 11:50 AM, taiiat said:

they work, an increased Chance is still just a Chance.

I seldom if ever got Necrathene trying to use them.  Like, multiple days without a single one. Then I tried ignoring those indicators, and got 8 in the space of 30m. So yeah, the first person experience is... not a good look for them being relevant where Necrathene is concerned.

That said, this trick only seems to work on single-spot nodes.

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All blueprints requiring Stellated Necrathene total in... 29, the Voidrig Casing needs 8. But it doesn't look at all that rare to me, as I'm getting it while mining other minerals - and by far, mining for Necrathene took way less time than getting the Voidrig parts (I think I got them from a quest...?). I haven't build Catabolyst yet nor Nodulite Nose, but still prefer giving the Necrathene for Otak at the moment (I'm in no rush getting Catabolyst, as it requires Mutagen Mass, a much more involving grind to me).

Maybe I've just been blessed by the RNG gods...

FWIW it definitely is worth trying to do the mining properly, hitting the marks. You will lose a minuscule amount of time (it's much more time consuming finding the spots in the Pizza landscape of Deimos), but increase your chances by a lot.

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