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Wave Based Eximus Stronghold Sortie


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Today (September 11th) the sortie has a second stage Defense Eximus Stronghold. This is an unreasonable situation with the amount of Overguard enemies that you have no option but to deal with them. Eximus Stronghold Exterminate, Spy, Sabotage, etc is maybe slightly annoying but the objective is doable with a decent squad. The squad was equipped with myself on Gara using a maxed crit Reaper Prime w/ Mending Splinters to help protect the operative and a Legendary 2 Gauss that was outputting insane DPS and it wasn't enough to complete the mission.

Eximus Stronghold should have restrictions on what missions it can be applied to. Defense is the obvious offender but there's probably a couple other missions types that are not okay with the modifier.

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