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[Video][Reproducible] Kitgun pistols using skins, overwrite one of the melee energy colors


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TL;DR: If you use a custom skin on a kitgun pistol, the energy color you choose, will overwrite one of the energy colors in your melee weapon.

Now, before I put the clip down I want to point out something, because I didn't want to rerecord the old one and I'm reposting it. This is my second time reporting this, the first time I didn't know this was a bug everyone had, I thought it might be because of MY custom kitgun in particular, I didn't know it was the skin causing it. I only recently found out about this skin bug, thanks to somebody on Reddit, and I'm making this thread because I figured it warranted a fresh one now that I know the real cause and it could be fixed more easily now as it's gone from being weird, to being 100% reproducible. Apparently it's been broken for over a year as they linked me to another reddit post about it from a year ago, I do not know if it was reported back then properly on the forums but I figured necroing a thread that old was not going to help anybody.

So that being said, here's the clip, but keep in mind, I didn't know the skin was causing it when I recorded it, so I was showing that equipping my particular kitgun was doing it, when equipping other pistols that don't effect it, notice how they're either not kitguns, or not using a custom skin that would force it to happen. https://gfycat.com/electrichatefulbluewhale

I did go back and confirm in simulacrum, that it is absolutely 100% all of my kitguns in the pistol slot, using custom skins that do this, every single time. Which is also why I put this in the UI subforum, sounds more like a UI spaghetti code issue than art to me.

Hope to see a fix, thanks


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