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Kahl's weekly mission still not available?



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Really wish they did a sync pass and start syncing everything. It's kinda messy what we have now, with the daily reset at 8 pm, the sortie and mission at 12 pm, the weekly reset for the new archon hunts on like tuesday and baro arriving on friday morning and leaving on sunday morning...

Personally I would sync all the resets at 8PM, would put the weekly reset at sunday 8pm and would make baro arrive at 8pm on friday and go away at sunday 8 pm... Would be much easier to keep track of it all, plus it would give people a couple of hours after reset on sunday PM to start clearing their weekly stuff during the weekends...

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Yep, time zones…really annoying. 
Prime time is in a quite bad time in Europe now - not to mention other countries for example in Asia - and Baro leaves on Sundays at 15 pm. Great, that is why I missed it yesterday and missed the new Baruuk Immortal skin. Why cant he stay one more day?! Just like the Alerts. They are mostly planned for the weekends, but not everyone stays at home. They should be planned a bit longer or the whole week, that everyone can get them. 

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