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Unable To Enter Last Gasp Due To Inaros's Passive


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You are currently unable to enter last gasp due to inaros's passive. The passive needs changed somehow to allow you to enter last gasp or buffed somehow to allow you to use your amp while in the tomb. This feature is now an active detriment, as inaros's passive of being able to REVIVE HIMSELF is now SIGNIFICANTLY WORSE than every other warframe's ability to revive themselves which is unfortunate. 

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Any update on this topic ?

I love Inaros , but since Shield gating become a thing and in Steel Path monster suddenly oneshot u no matter how many life or armor u got , and even ur passive become a dead sentence since i never see it activate or a normal game , its kind of sad.

By the way, when was the last time programmer read their work , on the 1 tip for Inasros they say ´´Allies can help Inaros ressurrect from his sarcophagus faster by killing enemies in his vicinity´´ , because he cant do anything , it will be just faster to normal raise like any fallen Tenno.

This need a rework, and they leave at that like nothing happens because there is aready a primed version and any hope for a rework fly with that

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