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Please add some more general skins


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One thing I've noticed is that there is a definite lack of fashionable options for weapons, particularly guns. Sure, there's a load of options for a load of weapons, but they tend to be ones nobody uses.

I made a kitgun and its great, but it looks like I'm holding a giant sex toy. I'd like to change its appearance but there is nothing I can do with it except change its colour. I also have a kuva hind and there are very limited options for changing its appearance. Fashion is a big deal for plat sales, why oh why are there not so many options for fahsion on guns too?

eg there are 2 aklato skins, 3 akmagnus ones, 4 braton... not one for my hind - and the single generic Oscira rifle skin won't even equip on it!

So, please add some generic shotgun, assualt rifle, etc skins that I could purchase.

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