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Ferrox charge fire change pleeease


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The Ferrox is sooo close to being a viable weapon, but its charge shot behaviour (which I believe is only shared with one other weapon, the opticor?) makes it a paaain. It's a rifle, but using it in close quarters is a pain due to having no quick shot, and having to track the target while it charges. And if you release early, no shot at all!

Compare with bows, or any other charge weapons.


1. shoot with partial charge,

2. shoot charge when the fire button is released.

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Iv been using mainly the Ferrox over the last 3+ years, i really dont see an issue with its primary fire mechanic, iv grown used to it and manage to corret my aim before it fires.

My only issue currently is towards its Alt-Fire after. After the Changes the Alt fire now consumes Ammo and it forces a sort of reload/spin animation after throwing.

Also, since iv used the Ferrox for so long, it was already common for me having it thrown and automatically switching to the Secondary weapon which really appealed to my playstyle so i really wish there was a toggle for me to enable that again. :/

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