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Zephyr Passive needs a friendly change.


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  • Zephyr Passive needs a friendly change. Convenience should be sought.

It's not the #1 skill of the past.  Now you can do the Hover Glide. Now Passive is only uncomfortable. 

 Anchored Glide.Problems should not be neglected using this as an excuse. Because this consumes an important space.


  • The fundamental problem is that you climb too high and fall too slowly. From ordinary jumps and double jumps.

The workaround is technically already made possible.  Boreal's Anguish Motus Signal

decreases gravity while Aim Gliding and increases the Duration of Aim Glide and Wall Latch.  ( while Aim Gliding!! )

Increase Double Jump strength  (About 50% to 100%?)


I want Zephyr to be easy to use.

I used a translator I hope the meaning is conveyed well


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I get that Zephyr, being largely crafted using Oxium, being the lightest Frame and thus "floaty" is flavorful and all,
but yeah, a change to her Passive to improve her gameplay might be overdue.

A free zero-gravity-during-Aimglide effect could indeed be more fun / effective than her current one that's mostly a hindrance,
maybe additionally give her a taste of what Chroma got for some ... baffling reason, allow her to do a further Bullet Jump.

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I will never, ever agree to this. Zephyr is easy to use.

Zephyr's low gravity allows her to move in ways that regular Warframes simply can't, and allows for taking paths though missions that are faster and more fluid.

If you're worried about falling too slowly, literally use the options you have for falling fast, either her Dive Bomb ability or a melee, the recovery time is far shorter than the time you waste bimbling about wanting to fall faster.

The problems you're having with the passive are all related to familiarity with other frames and your muscle memory. Not the actual passive.

Once you're used to it, Zephyr's low gravity Passive makes her one of the most fun frames to play with in the entire game. And even helps you out when you're using other frames and get a low-gravity effect from Sabotages or Nightmare missions.

Zephyr's low grav is not only the very first Passive ever implemented into the game, it's flavour based, iconic to the frame, and the closest DE has ever come to removing it was Anchored Glide (at which point they even said that they don't intend to remove the low gravity from the base frame). They've only added to it with the most recent change, giving her the crit bonus while in the air, so being able to maintain that without using her Abilities makes it all the better.

So... that's a resounding 'no' from me there champ.

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The low gravity is extremely useful for aim gliding, I even like stacking on more with Tractor Beam and Pax Soar!

You can use a ground slam + roll combo to quickly reach the ground, use Tail Wind to land, go into operator and void sling towards the ground as a few methods of quickly descending if you need to. 

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"Gravity falls up Charlie Brown.  Gravity falls up."

Honestly, even with enough anti-grav mods to make her a helium balloon, it's still simple enough to drop down via Dive Bomb or melee slam like everyone else has and likely will continue to mention.

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