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Custom Gamepad binding broken after recent update(s).


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See Title.

If I have any weapon other than my primary weapon out
- Even if I ONLY have melee in my loadout.
My custom bindings for the gamepad no longer function, it reverts input back to default.
Until I equip my Primary again.

It's REALLY screwing my runs, not being able to deploy my quickbind for my gear slots from Dpad.

Would DE like a video with gamepad inputs shown?
Edit: Have one anyways.
- Note the Dpad being pressed, while daikyu and nikana are out.
-- Note it causes different actions.

Tagged UI, as I don't think this falls under any other tag.

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I confirm that it is still uncorrected the settings of the controllers is impossible to bind the controller buttons and above in the latest update if you are pointing the trigger does not let you shoot .... Fix the problems with the controllers. 3k hours I've played this game and enough money contributed the truth I would not like to stop playing for a failure ... but so far I'll have to do for me is unplayable ...


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