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Deimos Spears Do Not Function As Intended


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So, uh.... I've been extremely lucky with dodging bugs for years (should probably buy a lotto ticket, actually), but this is the first one that has really roadblocked me. I needed some Spore Sacks from the Deimos fish, so I grabbed my spears from Daughter and headed out. Here is me trying to get any fish. As you can see, I have to wait for them to emerge above the surface of these infested goop rivers to catch any. You can also see I am using the correct spear for this task, but it fails to pierce the the goop river's surface. Definitely a bug that should be fixed if DE want fishing to be viable on Deimos. The alternative is to run Iso Vault bounties and pray the right fish parts are in the vault containers. I'd recommend running Iso 1 since it will be the fastest (if you can kill the Necramech quick).

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