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Helminth Menu Softlocks and Bugs


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(I made this one post because they all seem to have been introduced in the same patch and are likely linked.)
There are a few Helminth menu interaction that entirely softlocks the game, forcing restart:

1. Selecting Mesa's Shooting Gallery to see it's requirements, then selecting "Feed Helminth" softlocks the game. (Haven't tested every ability, but this one happens every time.)

2. Feed menu sometimes softlocks when switching resource type sub-menus.

3. The are multiple erroneous confirmation boxes being shown when swapping between sub-menus:
Leaving the feed menu will ask if I'm ok with feeding resources I haven't selected.
Leaving the feed menu will show "Must subsume 'x' to unlock this ability for infusion." and/or "Continue gaining Helminth XP to unlock this ability for infusion." Sometimes multiple at the same time.

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43 minutes ago, eyelessRDX said:

Also getting the same issue.
If you click off a category after having selected something then click back on the category it will continue to feed. Scrolling with mousewheel does the same.

I have capture footage if needed

Scrolling the mousewheel also spam feeds Helminth for me.

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