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Information On Damage 2.0

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What to expect with Damage 2.0: or:


"What to expect when you're expecting Damage 2.0" or

"A Fish called Damage 2.0" or

"How I learned to stop worrying and Love Damage 2.0" or

"Much ado about Damage 2.0" or


"It's the Grineer Damage 2.0!"


Coming up with a clever name is hard! But, information in this post is relevant to all Tenno. Let's get started, shall we?


Read this post to learn about the coming Damage 2.0 changes in Update 11.

This new damage system introduces a number of new terms. This post will take you through introducing and explaining these terms, then elaborating on what they mean for combat. Keep in mind that things are subject to change, that some terms may be placeholder.


Physical Damage:



Every weapon in the game is made up of a combination of these three damage types. The overall damage of any given weapon is the sum of Impact, Puncture, and Slash damage. Weapons will exhibit a variety of combinations on the Impact, Puncture, and Slash damage spectrum. Mods will affect damage types as decided by the player by their loadout.


In short, Weapon Damage = (Impact + Puncture + Slash)


Real-life Firearm Metaphor: Impact=Slug; Puncture=Armor Piercing; Slash=Hollow-point. When assigning physical damage aspects to weapons we avoid making them 'pure' (100% in one direction). This ensures you can damage all enemies in the game.


Elemental Damage:

In addition to the 3 base damage types, Elemental Damage can be applied on top of a weapon’s base damage depending on what Elemental Mods are applied. For some rare weapons, elemental damage is all they have.

There are four primary Elemental Damage types:



Elemental Damage can be applied alone but if you combine primary elements they create new combined elemental damage types! This opens up new possibilities, reduces 'rainbow build' problems and reduces some of the confusing effects like 'frozen guy is on fire'.


Combined Elemental Types:

To create these combined elements requires mixing two primary elements together:

                Blast (Fire + Cold)

                Gas (Fire + Toxin)

                Radiation (Fire + Electricity)

                Magnetic (Cold + Electricity)

                Viral (Cold + Toxin)

                Corrosive (Electricity + Toxin)


Elemental Damage is applied in addition to a weapon’s physical damage types.

Weapon Damage = (Impact + Puncture + Slash) + (Elemental).


Elemental Damage Hierarchy & Combining Elementals

Elemental damage combinations are made by following a strict order.


Fire, Cold, Electric, Toxin.

As an example: If you want Fire damage + Magnetic damage (Cold + Electricity), you will need to split it between weapons because when a Fire Mod enters the mod loadout any other elementals will combine with it as it is first in the hierarchy.


Elemental Damage & Combining Elements: CHANGES!


After reviewing this thread and working things out with combinations, we have changes to report to Elemental Combinations. Elemental combinations will no longer be based on a predetermined elemental hierarchy, but instead a MOD PLACEMENT hierarchy.


This hierarchy is from closest to top left (first to be considered) to closest to bottom right (last to be considered) on the Mod Layout.


If you place Cold, Toxin, Fire, and, Electric, in that order from top left to bottom right, you will get:

(Cold + Toxin) and (Electric + Fire).


Status Effects ('Procs')

All damage types have a chance to inflict a status on the target – including you!

Impact: Knockback
Puncture: Weakened (reduced damage output)
Slash: Bleed (health reduced over time, healing blocked)

Fire: Ignited (fire damage over time)
Cold: Slowed
Electric: Chain Electricity Damage
Toxin: Poison Damage over time to health.

Blast: Stun
Gas: Poison in area
Radiation: Confusion (difficulties targeting)
Magnetic: Shield reduction
Viral: Sickened
Corrosive: Armor Damage


UI Representation

The UI will represent all these damage stats numerically. Attached are screenshots of what you can expect to see with Damage 2.0.



Exhibit 1: 3 images that show the Physical Damage types represented in the UI, and the added Heat damage after a Heated Charge is added.



Exhibit 2: 2 Images that show the impact of a No-Return mod on Puncture Damage



Exhibit 3: 2 images that show the impact of an Elemental Damage combination.



Enemy Levels

Enemy levels now fall in a more compressed scale. Level 1 enemies are still the easiest, but the difficulty of a Level 40 enemy in Damage 2.0 will be comparable to a Level 100 enemy in Damage 1.0. Infinite mission types will still feature ever increasing enemy levels. Enemies will be wielding weapons that can inflict different types of damage and Procs on the Tenno, meaning the difficulty will come from a combination of their loadouts and their level.


Know your enemy.

Enemies will react to damage types differently. Begin hunting your enemies to discover the best way to approach different faction and enemies. With your Primary, Secondary, and Melee weapon, you will be able to take on the fiercest foes with many different combinations.


Significance of Change
Damage 2.0 is a very significant change to Warframe. We are standing by to receive feedback and experiences on this new Damage system when it is released.


Thank you for reading, everyone!

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So much to absorb and learn, very excited to test out the new damage system when it comes out. Now we only need a disruptor elemental  to show those ancients just how annoying it is to be on the receiving end. Loving the new Lotus look!

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Those UI elements look very clear, I'm happy to see that.


Will Damage 2.0 affect Warframe Powers as well?  I.E. will electrical hits from Volt's Shock and Overload have a chance to proc electrical chains?

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This is great! None shall live through their own elements! Noobs shall fall from their gas clouds without even reaching rank 4!

Otherwise, I'll just be over here sticking to the old tactic...


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I cannot tell you how much relief this gives me to have a guide (of sorts) about this damage 2.0. This just makes me look forward to it more (well, assuming that by "level 40 is comparable to level 100 now" you don't mean "bullet sponge" but instead you mean the enemies pose more of a threat due to their new damage output.) Now, I only hope that we are soon to be reaching this "corner" the devs like to place their goody bags around.

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"Enemy levels now fall in a more compressed scale. Level 1 enemies are still the easiest, but the difficulty of a Level 40 enemy in Damage 2.0 will be comparable to a Level 100 enemy in Damage 1.0."


Does this mean the enemy levels on the star chart will be changed, or is Pluto being 50-70s what you are aiming for to make the game more challenging? :)

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"Slash: Bleed (health reduced over time, healing blocked)"


Poor poor Trinity when Evicerators strikes :( Saying this half-jokingly of course since we have to experience it first before judging.


This is probably the most excited part of the future updates to me since there will be lots to test and discover!


I also noticed that Toxin gives poison damage over time TO HEALTH; does this mean Saryn's powers, Torid, Embolist and Acrid will damage health directly with their DoT and bypass shields + armor?


"Viral: Sickened"

What exactly is it? It can't be DoT since that's regular Toxin. Is it a reduction to max health like the initial spreadsheet?


Seems like the scanner/codex will be much more useful than getting simple drop data from enemies; you'll also learn about their weakness and which damage type/elemental is more useful on them (along with personal experience of course).

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Enemy Levels

Enemy levels now fall in a more compressed scale. Level 1 enemies are still the easiest, but the difficulty of a Level 40 enemy in Damage 2.0 will be comparable to a Level 100 enemy in Damage 1.0.

Does this mean that planets like Pluto will feature enemies comparable to level ~200 in Damage 1.0?

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