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Riven Changes from U32


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Dear Developers,


the change to Riven Mod capacity you have made in U32 regarding a Riven only counts towards capacity when the challenge has been revealed makes it effectively worse.

E.g. / Current situation: I got total of 180 max capacity, all slots used. Only three of them are worth transmuting/dissolving. Sortie rewards an additional Riven mod.

Old System: Now I have 181/180 Mods. Cant play sorties until im on/below 180 again. Unveil the latest Riven and then a) it unveils a 4th unwanted riven so I now have 4 Mods to transmute thus I'm on 177/180. All good. b) it unveils a cool riven i want to keep. Solution: have the downside of dissolving 1 unwated riven to get to 180/180, but in return I have an additional Riven Mod I want to keep.


U32: Now I am still on 180/180 cap. Can play Sorties (may yield other veiled veiled Riven mods I cannot make any use of unless I clear up some slots (but dont want to since I want to keep all those rivens.)) I dont have the chance to use the resources efficiently, because I cannot unveil (the challenge of) the latest Riven to see if I want to keep or transmute it. Sure, I could dissolve any amount of the unwanted rivens, but this makes it - as mentioned - inefficient. The amount of endo yield for dissolving an unrolled Riven is a bad joke, compared to the expense which rivens require, so dissolving isn't really an option. Nothing really happens in this scenario.


I suggest a mix between old and new system. Any unveiled riven will not count towards capacity, but immediately shows the challenge, and allows player to unveil it. Once unveiled it should count towards cap for sure. In this proposed mechanics, I could open the riven, decide if keep or transmute, and be happy. Currently im very sadge because I got stuff in inventory that I can't make use of.

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the problem with unique drops/loot in RPGs is that costs server data for each account so the storage limit and system to reveal this item superficially solves the problem. game "path of exile" there is a scroll that reveals drops and storage of drops is limited, so the player needs to buy item slots or technically buy data server.


I would love for spaces to be unimited like frames and weapons but I think the DE limits this because platinum market is not balanced based on amount of active players so we have players storing thousands of rivens without gameplay activity, this is like data stored without public usefulness, useless for new players progression.

maybe the DE should think about increasing the value of the slots considerably, it's just a guess, I don't know.

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How is this a DE problem and not a you problem? They cant cater systems to individual players, which your case here seems to be, sitting at 3 unwanted mods at the moment. If you had 4 unwanted mods already it wouldnt really be a problem for you either. And if you went with B you'd be pressed to destroy one of the now two unwanted rivens you have, so efficiency would be gone there too with that system if you want to try and get another veiled one from a sorties.

So why cant you destroy 1 out of those 3 unwanted that you have now?

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