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Real and best end game idea !


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Hello every one ! I'm an old WF player. I got nearly all the stuff, legendary 1 (I don't wanna rush the last things...), get all the mods and so one, blablabla.

And, like many player, I'm bored because of the lake of efficient late game.

Through all the discussions I have with players about late game, I keep proposing one nice solution. And, to be honest I never thought posting this on a forum...don't know exactly why. So here am I ! 

The problem with WF end game is, what I call, the "FFXIII-2 syndrome". Let me explain... In FFXIII, in order to craft the ultimate wepaon of each character, you needed to get a specific mateiral. And this material was lootable by... the ultimate boss of the game (the real one, not the story ending one). And that was the problem...If you can kil the biggest boss wihtout endgame wepapons...what s the point of getting them ? 

THe same problem occures with WF... There is no real efficient endless challenges that required to be well stuffed. You can run endless survival with a poor octavia without a sweat. and I can not count how many time I rushed the Profit Taker solo.

The fact is: WF is a farming game. And a farming in a farming game needs to be worth it. Wich is not for now...

So here is my idea: "check point challening endless missions" or "savable endless challenging missions". It is comparable to Diablo 3 Greater Rift.

THe best thing is that it's quiet simple to set up for DE. First, concretly, it's like usual endless mission except you can save your progression AND it could required some imperatives.

For example, you have a survival mission in this mode. THe imperatives could be "no ability", or "no primary weapon", or "Loki only". Possibilities are infinite. Let's say you have 5 min rank/ lvl you suceed to reach 30 min but die at 32 min. You would get the 30 min rank reward once (let's imagine you already get the reward of 5,10,15,20 and 25 min): a cosmetic, a special mod, a special stuff...

BUT the 30 min you reach is like a check point ! It means, you would not have to play the first 30 min again. The next run would start at 30 min lvl ennemies ! And it could be awesome ! You could have a leaderboard for each mode , maybe even some season,etc. Possibilites are nearly endless !

I stop writing, I think you get the idea ! Hope my english is good enough.

Cya Tenno !

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Yes, first point, this is what  I call a progress deadend - when players are too OP there is no challenge left and no room to grow - which is a big issue for design and for incentivizing players with anything new, thats why I've always warned DE against invincibility or anything that trivialized even high-end content. This is why curbing lvl scaling this much was ultimately wrong (lvl cap is only like lvl ~400 before iirc). Players need progress, collecting fodder and cosmetics is not it. Any long-lasting pve game runs into this issue to be fair.

Progressive challenges in a succession -  thats a surface level idea and we actually sort of have it as in sorties -  which was good for its time when players were weaker, but it's been severely outdated for years. The new Archon sorties are quite a let down too but at least a step in the right direction.  And obviously its short and not worth replaying. Why is DE afraid of offering for example a 'mega' sortie where stages would be far more numerous to ramp into much higher difficulty?

ESO was supposed to be like Diablo Rifts btw, but they just force you out for lack of killing speed which defies the whole concept. They are nothing but XP grinds (there were/are still few people who do them for leaderboards).

Now the biggest hurdle to it is again lack of balancing and players being maxed out, this game is not being tightly re balanced all the theme like Diablo and PoE. You can easily kill level cap and there is no need for any more power to make it worth farming new gear. Archon boss 'average' players struggle with? Oneshot.  Throwing in arbitrary limits like 'you cant use abilities'  is not a good solution either  - why do we collect warframes and upgrade them, if the usage is restricted in the 'end game'?  Its like with the Drifter in New War - Drifter is weaker and it allowed for designing balanced gameplay with combat which is not a faceroll, but then players were missing their powerful warframes. Or majority of playerbase refusing to do Eidolons because they dont understand or dont want to play as operators and upgrade them, they dont like limitations or complications. 

Ultimately making something challenging/difficult in WF is impossible unless you remove player power in some way (like many units ignoring abilities already - otherwise everything is trivial).

Old endless modes became totally pointless waste of time - you dont get anything good out of it and its not even worth bragging rights since its super easy to trivialize. But on to the good news - SP Cascade is actually a worthy endless game mode which is both challenging and rewarding and ramps up in no time, people are sleeping on it. And DE promised some kind of rogue-lite replayable game mode with Duviri so there are certainly improvements being made.

In the end I feel like in the past DE used endless as a lazy copeout for 'pseudo-endgame' while mainly designing everything for the new/under-geared players and hoping the endless autoscaling is taking care of high-level players. And plenty of other systems been left to run on autopilot with no revisions and updates to the current state of game/player base or simply for renewing them to make it more interesting  - sorties, fissures, vaults, old 'events' (they only changed Ghoul purge for the worse when it became actually popular due to efficiency, the irony) .. its all been the same for many years, very stale. But now they seem to understand that most players are already veterans with different interests and motivations, so there is hope. /rant



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