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Will There Be a Backstory for Leverian?


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Hello everyone, I just want to start by saying this game is awesome. I'm at MR 8 now and I can safely say that I have had a fantastic time playing, there are so many things to enjoy. 

When I first started playing Warframe I referred a lot to the Codex for help in terms of learning certain mechanics, tips etc. But what really caught my attention was the Leverian. Learning the backstories about Warframes is neat and all, some of them are pretty cool, but what made it really interesting was Drusus Leverian himself. I want to give a shoutout to the VA for playing this character because he did a fantastic job. Is there any lore planned for this character? The fact that he has a name, dialogue, and an in-universe role to play, makes me really curious about his own backstory and how he fits into the Warframe lore. Since I'm only MR 8, I realize the possibility that there may be a quest further down the line that explores his story a little bit more, I heard that they did a similar thing for Nora Night (who also has a fantastic VA). 

I imagine I might be the only person who's curious about Leverian but if anyone has theories or actual lore they saw ingame I'd love to see them.

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