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Enemy Voidrig Necramechs Cannot be Armor Stripped Anymore


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It's under my assumption that this is a bug? I have no idea when this was introduced, since under nowhere in any of the patch notes was I able to find this as an intentional change. However I looked at past videos to confirm that enemy Voidrigs in the Isolation Vaults used to be armor strippable.

I tried various other forms of armor strip against enemy Necramechs like Shattering Impact, Nekros's Terrify, and Unairu's Caustic Strike, and for all of them the same applied: shredding the armor of a Bonewidow was no problem, but Voidrigs were completely unaffected. It is 100% reproducible and was consistently the case for several T3 Isolation Vault runs while Solo. If this is supposed to be an intentional feature, please let me know. ;-;

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