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Sergeant Phobos of the Corpus


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So, this guy. Sergeant of Phobos' Assassinate node. Commonly known as a big joke.

The guy dies in one hit, even from most newbies- it's safe to say he's pretty forgettable.
Most people think it'd be funny to keep around him as such and to an extent, I can agree.

Here's my suggestion for making just a bit more special, let's give him a Phase 2.
But any old generic Phase 2 would be out of character for him- let's do something silly and crazy.
We give him a Giant MOA. Yes, you heard that. A "Giant MOA".

This MOA would have the "MECHA MOA" for it's boss bar and look very intimidating.
However, it's not even a strong MOA- in fact, it's just a generic MOA obviously resized by 10x it's original. Him in the cockpit (the head) of course.
It has two very big glowing orange panels on it's knees. Shoot both of them and the thing dies.

What'd make it glorious is a cutscene of the Sergeant scampering off into his giant MOA calling it "The greatest Corpus weapon to exist! None can surpass it!" with a bunch of build-up.
Just walking around in it aimlessly and occasionally bumps into a ceiling scaffold (which can cause debris to fall) since he has no idea how to pilot it.
Shooting it outside of the weakpoint does so little damage that it does show, but it's so small that it's pointless to do so.
When it dies, it just collapses onto the floor like a pile of sticks.

But yeah, that's just my two-bits of a fun project that can be done solely for laughs.


Though, if ya want some Bonus Points- I'd make repeat runs back to back slowly make them name get longer as more pointless titles are added.

Just to nail in the point that this is a joke boss.


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Only thing missing is to rename him back to "Nef Anyo". Sergeant isn't really a "joke boss" on purpose: he's just a victim of age that's never been updated. As far as I'm concerned, if we're keeping the Sergeant, he ought to be a genuine threat. Nef, on the other hand - he'd be the type to hop into an oversized MOA with absolutely no idea how to pilot it purely because the Tenno happen to be in the same room as him and of course he can pilot it, how hard could it be?

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7 hours ago, (PSN)IndianChiefJeff said:

*snip snap*

"The only thing keeping him running... is him forgetting he died to begin with!"
"How does that even work?!"
"Normally? It doesn't- but to fair, we didn't get this far by conventional means either."

- Small relevant quip from unrelated sources.

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